Donor Page


Thank you donors! If you donated, you may have gotten an email.. But maybe not. Our email provider didn't like us bulk emailing.

Hopefully you understand why we are moving to a "low-cost license" model starting with OpenAudible 2.0.

You should be able to register by entering your email you used for PayPal to donate. (Donors only.)

If you have any questions, please drop an email to openaudible [at] email [dot] tg .

Please make a note of the license that is generated, as lookup by email will be removed in the future. You can use it on other computers that share the same Audible account(s).

Download Pre-Release

At this time there is no pre-release version available.

About a Commercial Version

Some of you may be disappointed that we're trying to charge money for a 'free open source' app.

We get it. However, to produce a really great product, we put in a ton of time and effort. Well over a thousand man hours.

If you feel cheated, or want a refund on your donation, just let us know.

Again, Thank you for your patronage! It meant a lot!