Download, Convert, and Organize all of your Audible books for Mac, Windows and Linux


OpenAudible is a cross-platform audiobook manager designed for Audible users. Download, view, convert to MP3 or M4B, and manage all your audio books with our easy-to-use desktop application.

See all your Audible books in one location, on all your Mac, Windows, and Linux computers. Automatically organize your books as an HTML library. Split and join audio books... and much more!


MacOS OpenAudible.dmg
Windows (x64) OpenAudible.exe
Linux (x64) | .rpm | .deb | .AppImage

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Quick Start

OpenAudible has a full set of documentation with a Quick Start guide.

But you can just jump in and follow these steps to get started.

  1. Download, install and launch OpenAudible
  2. Update preferences, if desired.
  3. Select: Controls: Connect to Audible and log onto your audible account.
  4. Download some or all of your books.
  5. Convert some or all of your books to MP3 or M4B.
  6. To find the converted book files, select one and right-click "Show MP3" or "Show M4B"
  7. Periodically run Controls: Quick Audible Library Sync to update your latest purchases!
  8. Full help is available under the About Menu (or by pressing F1)

Technical Support

OpenAudible issues are tracked on github.

Problems with your order or license?

We respond to all issues and have implemented a lot of great user suggestions. However, to help us, please check the documentation and search issues to see if your problem has already been asked and answered before submitting a new issue.

Frequent Issues


OpenAudible is a low-cost shareware product. Purchase Here or buy from within the program.

A license allows you to use the software without restriction on up to 5 audible accounts. Free updates for 1 year are included. You can use a license with Mac, Windows and/or Linux!

What started as an Open Source (with 625 stars by github developers) project has turned into a 2 year development effort by a small group of developers. We've reviewed and fixed 300+ issues and written over 35,000 lines of java code. Your purchase helps us keep OpenAudible running smoothly with new features, bug fixes, and quick updates.

Press and Accolades

Here are some mentions in the press.

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License and Disclaimer

OpenAudible is unaffiliated with OpenAudible uses ffmpeg (LGPL) to decode audible files.

For use with your audible content that you own and are allowed to download.

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