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Download, Convert, and Organize All of your Audible books for Mac, Windows and Linux

OpenAudible Documentation

This Audio Book Manager lets you catalog and organize your audio book collection. It is optimized for Audible users, but can import MP3 audio books as well.

Please respect copyright owners by not distributing MP3 files created with OpenAudible.


Configure your working directory in the preferences. The working directory will contain Audible files (AAX), MP3 files, artwork, and other data.

The Web Dir can contain a web page listing of your audible content, a json version of your audiobook meta data, and an MP3 directory with titled audio books.

Connecting to Audible

Connecting to audible is done via a web browser. The first time you use the program you should log in to your audible account using the built-in web browser.
When connected, you should be logged in via the browser, and OpenAudible Library status should be Connected: Yes.

OpenAudible automatically imports the first page of your Audible library into the application. From there, books can be downloaded and converted.

Once connected, you can import the rest of your books by doing a full scan.

Downloading Files

Before converting or downloading files, you need to select one or more audible books in your library, then select either "Download" or "Convert to MP3" from the Action menu.

Audible files are kept in the AAX directory. Once converted to MP3, you may decide to delete the AAX files to save space.

When viewing your library from the OpenAudible web browser, you should be able to download individual book files by clicking on a "Download" button from the Audible Library page.

Audible Settings

Audible has a setting you need to change if you have problems downloading books.

If you see a message about How To Listen or an alert about the need to change a setting, follow these instructions.

Ensure the Check for Audible Download Manager setting is unchecked, try downloading a file again.


Your audible library can be exported as a web page, json file, or .csv (Excel) file from the File menu


Use the File:Import menu, or drag and drop MP3 or AAX files onto the desktop application.

To import a book that contains multiple mp3 files, please see Joining Files in the next section.

Join MP3 Files

Some audio books contain multiple mp3 files. To import these into your library, or to simply have a single MP3 file for each book, you can use the Join Audio Files command, under the File Menu. To join audio files into a single mp3 file, choose "Join Audio Files" from the File menu. Select at least two MP3 files. These will be sorted alphabetically and joined. Next, select a destination directory for the MP3 file. This can be anywhere but the OpenAudible mp3 directory. After joining, you will be asked if you want to add the file to your OpenAudible library.

Split By Chapter

We like 1 MP3 file per audio book. Its how our software was designed. However, we've gotten a few requests for the ability to have the audio book split into one MP3 file per chapter.

This feature is new and should be used with care. Do put split audio files into the OpenAudible working (mp3) directories or attempt to import them into OpenAudible, or you could end up with a mess.

  1. Select Split by Chapter under the file menu.
  2. Select an MP3 file you wish to split, which can be OpenAudible web or mp3 working directory.
  3. Select a destination directory location
  4. If chapter data is present, the audio book will be split into multiple chapters, leaving the original file untouched.
Do not import these files into OpenAudible-- OpenAudible is designed for 1 audio file per book.



Some directories used by the application can be changed. The "Show" button will reveal the directory in the desktop file system.

Library Status

Note: Click on the number portion of the library status to filter books by that status. For instance, click on the number next to 'To Download' to see all books that need downloading.

Audio Book Info

Information about a selected book is displayed here. This info is collected from web or meta tags and cannot (at this time) be edited.

The blue labels on the left side can be clicked on to filter books by title, author, narrator, genre, or publisher.

Clicking the blue text on the right side will open the browser to display the audible page for the title, author, narrator, genre, or publisher.

The info for each data element is self-explanatory. The State field shows any errors or tasks that can be performed.


The search bar at the top right of the app allows you to filter books by keywords. Use CTRL-F to activate the search. Use Escape to clear the search results and display all books.

Additional Help

This may stop working at any time, due to changes in Audible systems or web site. If this happens, check for an update or open issues.

This software is copyright the authors of the software.

Submitting a bug report from the tools menu will send diagnostic information to developers. For best results, restart OpenAudible, reproduce the problem, then fill in the bug report with as many details as possible and click send.

No technical support is provided, no warranty provided, no.

Suggestions welcome by creating a github issue or by sending a bug report from the menu.